Grayling draft genome dataset

2017-06-22T10:52:25Z (GMT) by Srinidhi Varadharajan Lex Nederbragt
###### Description

Tthymallus_scaffolds.fasta - Assembled scaffold sequences

Tthymallus_RepeatLibrary_deNovo.fasta - De novo repeat library sequences

Tthymallus_transcriptome_DeNovo.fasta - De novo transcriptome assembly using Trinity (followed by RSEM based filtering)

Tthymallus_transcriptome_ReferenceBased.fasta - Reference-based transcriptome using STAR-Cufflinks-transdecoder pipeline (followed by filtering based on homology to known proteins from zebrafish and stickleback proteins.

Tthymallus_ScaffoldAnnotation.gff3 - MAKER pipeline based annotation for the scaffolds.

Tthymallus_proteins.fasta - Grayling protein sequences used for inferring orthologous groups (based on MAKER annotations)

Tthymallus_maker_fullOutput.gff - Full output from MAKER

Tthymallus_CPMcounts.txt - Expression counts for grayling

OrthologousGroups.txt - Inferred orthologous groups using Orthofinder