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Graduate students’ perceptions of changes in climate and their related impacts: a case study in the Federal District

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posted on 08.05.2019, 02:54 by Patrícia dos Santos Mesquita, Vívian da Silva Braz, Michelle Midori Morimura, Marcel Bursztyn

Abstract Anthropogenic activities have been altering the environment and contributing to climate change (CC). Thus, the understanding of how new perceptions could result in pro-environmental actions and the role of environmental education in this equation are both necessary. A total of 1526 questionnaires were administered to graduate students, aiming to understand students’ perceptions of climate change in different economic sectors and social strata, as well as other personal beliefs. The need for a more intense approach regarding environmental knowledge, with the insertion of this theme at all educational level in unison with law 9795/99 was observed. Moreover, the limited knowledge about the links among information, perception and actions to cope with climate change indicates the need for more research that can explore how better environmental and climatic education can help in the development of perceptions and actions in favour of adaptation and mitigation public policies.