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Global distribution of Clanwilliam cedar tree localities in 2013

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posted on 03.05.2019, 14:01 authored by Jasper SlingsbyJasper Slingsby, Peter Slingsby
This dataset accompanies the publication "Slingsby, J.A. and Slingsby, P.W.O. 2019. Monitoring the critically endangered Clanwilliam cedar with freely available Google Earth imagery. PeerJ" Please read the paper for details and cite it as the source.

The All_Cedars_2_WGS84.kml dataset contains 13419 cedar tree localities that were mapped from the 2013 Google Earth imagery for the map "Slingsby, P., 2015. Hike the Cederberg Map, 2nd Edition." and used to test the utility of this method for monitoring the species. Note that trees with canopies <4m2 were not detectable (see paper for details). The data are mapped at a scale of 1:24 000 (20m horizontal mapping accuracy) and are available in Keyhole Markup Language (KML) format, unprojected, readily openable in Google Earth.

"fieldtrees.gpkg" is a GeoPackage format file containing unprojected tree localities that were mapped in the field and includes tree health and size data.


This work is based on the research supported by the National Research Foundation of South Africa (Grant Number 118593)