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Gerontotechnology for fall prevention of the elderly with Parkinson

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posted on 11.12.2019, 02:53 by Karina Silveira de Almeida Hammerschmidt, Juliana Martins Ferreira, Ivonete Teresinha Schülter Buss Heidemann, Angela Maria Alvarez, Melissa Orlandi Honório Locks, Josiane Steil Siewert

ABSTRACT Objective: to develop the gerontological nursing care process among the elderly with Parkinson’s disease, aiming at the promotion of health through the creation of gerontotechnologies for fall prevention. Method: Convergent Care Research was used as a methodological route. Data were collected from February to October 2017, with the participation of nine elderly people with Parkinson’s disease. An educational booklet, a memory game called “não cai istepô”, a memory game called “caiu de maduro” were developed through clinical evaluation through scales, recorded semi-structured interview and workshops. Results: the application of gerontotechnology resulted from the elderly in self-care, empowerment and knowledge through play, revealing interest in behavior change, independence and learning, as well as serving as a facilitator of care. Conclusion: the gerontotechnologies presented as a playful and innovative instrument for the nursing gerontological care process.