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Geographic variation of tree height of Pinus nigra Arn. gathered from common gardens in Europe

posted on 07.05.2018, 00:00 by VIZCAÍNO-PALOMAR, Natalia, BENITO-GARZÓN, Marta, ALIA, Ricardo, GIOVANELLI, Guia, HUBER, Gerhard, ŠEHO, Muhidin, FADY, Bruno

This dataset collects individual georeferenced tree height data from Pinus nigra Arn. planted in common gardens in France, Germany and Spain, between years 1968 and 2009. The experimental design varies depending on the common garden, from a randomized complete to incomplete block design, RCB or RIB, respectively. The final dimension of the dataset is 194,642 individual tree height data measurements  with 15 common gardens and 78 different provenances. The data can be used to assess genetic variation and phenotypic plasticity with further applications in biogeography and forest management.