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Geographic distribution of Wikimedia traffic

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posted on 04.03.2015, 09:37 by Os KeyesOs Keyes

This dataset contains the proportion of traffic to each public Wikimedia project, from each known country, with some caveats.


This dataset represents an aggregate of 1:1000 sampled pageviews from the entirety of 2014. The pageviews definition applied was the Foundation's new pageviews definition; additionally, spiders and similar automata were filtered out with Tobie's ua-parser. Geolocation was then performed using MaxMind's geolocation products.

There are no privacy implications that we could identify; The data comes from 1:1000 sampled logs, is proportionate rather than raw, and aggregates any nations with <1% of a project's pageviews under 'Other'.

It is released into the public domain under the CC-0 public domain dedication


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