From chaos to calm through storytelling and community building in GLAM and beyond: A journey and conversation about Knowledge Management

2017-07-18T09:47:38Z (GMT) by Clare O'Hanlon Eleanor Colla
Knowledge Management (KM) can help us learn to better understand and thrive in the face of the ever-changing, unknown and often chaotic digital environment by giving us strategies and tools to learn through collaboration, stories, playing and experimenting with ideas and technology, and reflection. KM has given us the tools to start thriving in this environment and we want to share and discuss them with you. In this presentation, we provided a brief introduction to knowledge management and insight into our experiences with KM from small community and activist organisations to large universities. We discussed community of practice, storytelling and more experiences to help illustrate success and risk factors of these tools for managing tacit knowledge that often resonate with GLAM professionals. Through this and our Amazine Knowledge Adventure Time booklet, we hoped to start a dialogue by encouraging the audience to reflect on and share their own experiences with KM, giving them strategies and tools for advocacy, activism, and community building within the sector and with the communities they serve.