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Frequency of insects in grasslands collected using sweep nets and transects

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posted on 27.09.2016, 00:28 by Emma ZachariasEmma Zacharias
# of insects refers to the number of different insects found in each replicate. # of RTUs refers to the number of unique recognizable taxonomic units. The replicates are each time we did the procedure. The procedure The length of the transect was 17 meters and each collection using the sweep net procedure was 25 seconds long.  The collector would walk along the transect randomly placed in the grass land and continuously sweep the net until they got to the end of the transect then record the data. The procedure was repeated 10 times. 

the hypothesis:  The inclement weather will negatively affect the number of bugs found and collected. 

the data collection took place on a York University grassland on September 26th at 3:00 pm until approximately 4:00 pm on a rainy cloudy day. the purpose of this experiment was to get familiarized with sampling tools. the tools used where a sweep net and a transect. the data was collected by using the sweep net and walking along a transect.  By looking at the data one can tell that the weather did in fact seem to have a negative on the number of bus present.