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Data for "Fluid-driven transport of round sediment particles: from discrete simulations to continuum modeling"

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posted on 2022-05-29, 21:54 authored by Qiong ZhangQiong Zhang, Eric Deal, J Taylor Perron, Jeremy G. Venditti, Santiago BenavidesSantiago Benavides, Matthew Rushlow, Ken Kamrin

data/: Data from DEM-LBM simulations of round sediment particles and continuum models

-single_sphere: single sphere tests of DEM-LBM for validation

-flume: DEM-LBM flume tests, compared with the corresponding experiments

-wide_wall_free: DEM-LBM simulations, wide wall free cases

-continuum: continuum modeling results

-fluid_bc: pure fluid LBM tests to validate the boundary condition for the flume tests

make_figures/: The figures can be generated using the Matlab files 

 Code/: The programs used to get the DEM-LBM results and continuum modeling results are available