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FlowFrontNet Data: Sensor to Flowfront / Dryspot

posted on 13.08.2020, 07:44 authored by Simon StieberSimon Stieber
Data from PAM RTM Simulations: Variations in the textile yield changes in the flowfront.

Two datasets are published:
1. Sensor data (pressure) and corresponding flow front images
2. Sensor data (pressure) and corresponding classifications in dryspot and no dryspot.

For more information see the FlowFrontNet paper.

Version History:
5. Starting with version 5, an unshuffled version of the training set is was added due to popular request.
4. Training, validation and test set are now available as pickled lists of tensors.
<3: Training set available as pickeled Dataiterator. Not user-friendly because correct environment with corresponding classes had to be loaded.


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