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Five-Coordinate Silicon(II) Compounds with Si–M Bonds (M = Cr, Mo, W, Fe): Bis[N,N′‑diisopropylbenzamidinato(−)]silicon(II) as a Ligand in Transition-Metal Complexes

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posted on 07.10.2013, 00:00 authored by Konstantin Junold, Johannes A. Baus, Christian Burschka, Thomas Vent-Schmidt, Sebastian Riedel, Reinhold Tacke
Reaction of the donor-stabilized silylene 1 with [Cr­(CO)6], [Mo­(CO)6], [W­(CO)6], or [Fe­(CO)5] leads to the formation of the transition-metal silylene complexes 25, which contain five-coordinate silicon­(II) moieties with Si–M bonds (M = Cr, Mo, W, Fe). These compounds were characterized by NMR spectroscopic studies in the solid state and in solution and by crystal structure analyses. These experimental investigations were complemented by computational studies to gain insight into the bonding situation of 25. The nature of the Si–M bonds is best described as a single bond.