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Fagaceae collection

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This fileset includes matrices, analysis files and artwork relating to inferences and discussions about phylogenetic relationships in extant and extinct Fagaceae. See readme.txt in each archive for content and labelling conventions.

Version 1

Data, inferences, and exemplary artwork relevant for testing believes expressed in

Wilf P, Nixon KC, Gandolfo MA, Cúneo RA (2019). Eocene Fagaceae from Patagonia and Gondwanan legacy in Asian rainforests. Science 364, 972

based on a "phylogenetic analysis" of seven morphological traits.

Ockham's Razor applied but not used: can we do DNA-scaffolding with seven characters?

Why we want to map trait evolution on networks, pt. 1 – Introduction; pt. 2 – Topological ambiguity.

Version 2

Morphology folder updated.

Surviving parsimonists: just tree-naive or tree-blindfolded?

Version 3

Added Jiang et al. 2021 revisited.7z—reconstructed (phased) haplotype data produced by Jiang et al. (2021, for 28 nuclear gene regions; de-constructed into the putative original, high-polymorphic (2ISP-rich) sequence data, i.e. one sequence per individual instead of two phased (hypothetical) haplotypes.

A fully resolved, and perfectly misleading, species tree

Version 4/5

Added artwork (AllesBastarde...png; language: Deutsch/ German) relating to/ after

Cardoni et al. (2022; and literature cited therein; and (re-)used in/ modified for:

Schulze & Grimm (2022, Alles Bastarde:

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