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FM and frequency statistics of songbird sound recordings

posted on 10.09.2013, 11:25 authored by Dan StowellDan Stowell, Mark Plumbley

The tables in this data set contain statistics summarising the audio content of songbird sound recordings. The statistics concern the frequencies present, and the FM (frequency modulation) present.

Each row represents an audio file (named in "filename" column) labelled as a particular bird species ("species" column). All the other columns are automatically-measured statistics, described in a forthcoming paper.

The original audio comes from:

* The Animal Sound Archive in Berlin (where "ASA" is in the csv filename)

* The Xeno Canto web archive (where "XC" is in the csv filename). In this latter case, the audio files can be retrieved from http://xeno-canto.org/ using their Xeno Canto ID number, which is reflected in the "filename" column of the csv data.



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