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FABIO-CHN PSUTs and MRIO tables for the year 2012

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posted on 13.09.2021, 07:24 by Quanliang YeQuanliang Ye
This dataset records the physical supply and use tables (PSUTs) and multi-regional input-output (MRIO) tables of 85 agricultural and food products of China. All the tables are constructed based on the statistical data in 2012.

For detailed methodological processes to create the PSUTs and MRIO tables, please refer to the article, Ye, Q., Bruckner, M., Wang, R., Schyns, J. F., Zhuo, L. Yang, L., Su, H., and Krol, M. S. A hybrid multi-regional input-output model of China: integrating the physical agricultural biomass and food system into the monetary supply chain. Resources, Conservation & Recycling 177.

Time-series FABIO-CHN database between 1990-2013 is available upon reasonable request.


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