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Estimating insect abundance using distance based techniques

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posted on 27.09.2016, 00:53 by Rania AlrawanduzyRania Alrawanduzy

1) Insect amount in GL: Using a quadrant, random areas of the Grassland were measured for insect amount

2)Types of insects in GL: Using a quadrant, random areas of the grassland were measured for types of insects

3) Insect amount in WL: Using a quadrant, random areas of the Woodlot were measure for insect amount

4)Types of insects in WL: Using a quadrant, random areas of the woodlot were measured for types on insects


An ecology lab was held on September 26th, 2016 between 2:30-5:30 at York university held by TA Bailey hewitt. The objective of the lab was to estimate insect abundance within the quadrants randomly placed around the grassland and the woodlot. The focus was on the amount and types of insects found within the vegetation in the quadrant. The weather conditions were rainy, wet, and muggy at 19 degrees celsius. 10 quadrant measurments were done in the grassland, and another 10 quadrant measurements were done in the woodlot. 


According to the weather conditions, more insects should be naturally found in the woodlot because of the extra protection from the rain. Whereas in the grassland insects can be found but not as easily, since they are straying away from the wet rain. The hypothesis was proven to be true as there was more variety of insects and a higher amount of insects.


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