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English Wikipedia Quality Asssessment Dataset

posted on 12.09.2017, 19:35 authored by Morten Warncke-WangMorten Warncke-Wang

Datasets of articles and their associated quality assessment rating from the English Wikipedia. Each dataset is self-contained as it also includes all content (wiki markup) associated with a given revision. The datasets have been split into a 90% training set and 10% test set using a stratified random sampling strategy.

The 2017 dataset is the preferred dataset to use, contains 32,460 articles, and was gathered on 2017/09/10. The 2015 dataset is maintained for historic reference, and contains 30,272 articles gathered on 2015/02/05.

The articles were sampled from six of English Wikipedia's seven assessment classes, with the exception of the Featured Article class, which contains all (2015 dataset) or almost all (2017 dataset) articles in that class at the time.

Articles are assumed to belong to the highest quality class they are rated as and article history has been mined to find the appropriate revision associated with a given quality rating. Due to the low usage of A-class articles, this class is not part of the datasets. For more details, see "The Success and Failure of Quality Improvement Projects in Peer Production Communities" by Warncke-Wang et al. (CSCW 2015), linked below.

These datasets have been used in training the wikiclass Python library machine learner, also linked below.