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Effects of COVID-19 Restrictions on Air Pollution

posted on 2021-11-02, 21:18 authored by Collateral GlobalCollateral Global

Reductions in the movement of people and industrial production during COVID restrictions resulted in lower levels of particulate matter (PM) of all sizes, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), pollutants that are associated with increased mortality. However, the window of observation of most studies ended in the late spring of 2020. Therefore, it is unclear whether lowering pollutant levels were sufficiently long to affect morbidity and mortality. In addition, studies indicated a return to pre-restriction levels shortly after restrictions were lifted.

The impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the global levels of environmental pollutants is likely to be beneficial. Lower levels of pollution observed during restrictions provide estimates for attainable pollutants that can benefit health and wellbeing.


Full Report - Effects of COVID-19 Restrictions on Air Pollution


Figure 1. Roy 2021. Changes in mean tropospheric NO2 density during the restriction period

Figure 2. Faridi 2021. Changes in ambient air quality during the restriction period


Table 1. Systematic review characteristics

Table 2. Systematic reviews of the impact of pollutants on morbidity and mortality


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