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Effect of nitrogen doses on the occurrence of postharvest diseases in strawberry

posted on 2018-08-22, 02:58 authored by Ivan Herman Fischer, Flávio Fernandes Júnior, Cristiaini Kano, Alceu Donadelli, Maria Cecília de Arruda Palharini

ABSTRACT This study evaluated the effect of nitrogen doses on postharvest diseases of strawberry cultivars Camino Real, Festival and Oso Grande. The nitrogen in urea formulation was evaluated at the recommended dose (100%) based on the official recommendation to the culture, and 3 lower doses (83, 67 and 50% of recommended), considering the fertilization at planting and cover applications. Fruits were harvested and weighed at 75% of its surface with a bright red color. Twelve fruits per plot were sampled in 3 collections from the second flowering and assessed for disease incidence during five days of storage at 25°C and 85% relative humidity. The identification of disease was made daily, based on symptoms and pathogen signs. There was no effect of nitrogen doses on yield and incidence of postharvest diseases, expressed as area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC). Increased average production was observed in cultivars Festival and Oso Grand. The overall incidence of disease among the cultivars did not differ significantly. Gray mold was the main disease, affecting more than 30% of fruits, followed by Rhizopus and yeast rot.


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