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Efeitos dos Programas Governamentais de Aquisição de Alimentos para a Agricultura Familiar em Espera Feliz, MG

posted on 2017-12-05, 08:58 authored by Wellington Alvim da Cunha, Alan Ferreira de Freitas, Rafael Junior dos Santos Figueiredo Salgado

Abstract: This work aims to understand the effects of government food acquisition programs (PAA and PNAE) on the socioeconomic dynamics of family farming in the municipality of Espera Feliz, in Minas Gerais State. It was questioned whether family farmers are changing their processes, dynamics and products according to government purchasing policies. To achieve these objectives, 61 interviews were carried out with farmers supplying the PAA and PNAE. The research allowed diagnosing various effects of the programs with their beneficiaries, among them: i) Economic: increase of production, work and income; Diversification of production and access to new markets; ii) Social: strengthening of local associative organizations, expansion of institutional relations, greater family involvement in production; iii) Environment: incentive to free production of pesticides and iv) Food security: Product quality. It was concluded that the identification of effects in all categories analyzed indicates that the programs have provided multiple positive effects for local family farming, imparting a new social and economic dynamics to the group of family farmers who joined institutional purchases.