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Drought variability over CONUS for the past century

posted on 25.06.2020, 04:35 authored by Lu SuLu Su, Dennis P. Lettenmaier
This project stores data for the paper "Drought variability over the conterminous United States for the past century".

Here we show monthly averaged total column soil moisture for diferent experiments and water in aquifer for groundwater run over 1915-2018 in *.tar.gz

We show monthly averaged soil moisture in four different layers for different experiments over 1915-2018 in *.SM.layers.tar.gz

Ucompressed data files are in netcdf format
The variables in the netcdf files are
SMW:total column soil moisture
WA : water in aquifer
Soil_liquid: soil moisture in four different layers

the five experiments are:

BASE: baseline
GW:groundwater run
DYVEG2:dynamic vegetation phenology 2
DYVEG5:dynamic vegetation phenology 5
DVGW: dynamic vegetation phenology 2+grounwater


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