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Determining Insects Abundance on the Mowed and Unmowed grassland by using quadrat

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posted on 07.10.2015, 18:06 by Murtuza MohammedMurtuza Mohammed

In this experiment, various types of insects were determined on mowed and the unmowed grassland of York University, by using 1mm2 quadrat. This experiment was conducted on September 30 2015, at 2:30 pm with the help of my colleagues, Chris, Phaeba, and Alana. The weather was 19oC with a mix of sun and cloud and a little bit breezy. The area is located near the pond on the Chimneystack Road, behind Osgood Law School. For this experiment the quadrat was provided by the university.

To begin with, the quadrat was placed randomly on the ground on the unmowed or mowed area and we tried to look for insects carefully in that quadrat. Whatever the type and number of insects were found in that quadrat, it was being recorded. This technique is repeated ten times at the different mowed and the unmowed areas.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine where most of the insects would be found, either on mowed or unmowed grassland. We hypothesized that most of the insects would be found on the unmowed area because it has huge plant abundance as well as colored flowers that would attract insects. Whereas, the mowed area does not have any plant and it has only grass, so fewer insects should be observed in the mowed area. Thus, after conducting the experiment, we determined that our hypothesis is correct because we actually found many insects in the unmowed area, than the mowed area.