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Determinants of Orexin Receptor Binding and ActivationA Molecular Dynamics Study

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posted on 20.02.2019, 00:00 by Lasse Karhu, Aniket Magarkar, Alex Bunker, Henri Xhaard
We assess the stability of two previously suggested binding modes for the neuropeptide orexin-A in the OX2 receptor through extensive molecular dynamics simulations. As the activation determinants of the receptor remain unknown, we simulated an unliganded receptor and two small-molecular ligands, the antagonist suvorexant and the agonist Nag26 for comparison. Each system was simulated in pure POPC membrane as well as in the 25% cholesterol–POPC membrane. In total, we carried out 36 μs of simulations. Through this set of simulations, we report a stable binding mode for the C-terminus of orexin-A. In addition, we suggest interactions that would promote orexin receptor activation, as well as others that would stabilize the inactive state.