Datasets of three social networks in PLOS ONE 2015 paper

2015-08-19T02:36:18Z (GMT) by Jichang Zhao

All the real-world data sets are employed in the paper "Competition Between Homophily and Information Entropy Maximization in Social Networks", which will be published in PLOS ONE 2015.

Three soical networks are included, in which CA-HepPh .txt is a collaboration network from the e-print arXiv( and covers scientific collaborations between authors of papers submitted to High Energy Physics, neworleans-links-connected.txt is the giant component of  the Facebook network in New Orleans (all node ids are converted to random numbers), jure_Email-Enron.txt is an email communication network that covers all the email communication within a data set of around half million emails.

In each file, one line represtnes an edge and two nodes are seperated by a Tab. The demo code to read the graph can be found in

These datasets are obtained from public available soruces in the Internet and their original download links or contacts can also be found as follows: