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Dataset of coral reefs monitoring, Puerto Morelos, Mexico, 2019

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posted on 2022-03-18, 19:39 authored by Hansel Caballero-Aragón, Susana Perera-ValderramaSusana Perera-Valderrama, Sergio Cerdeira-EstradaSergio Cerdeira-Estrada, Raul Martell-DuboisRaul Martell-Dubois, Laura Rosique-de la CruzLaura Rosique-de la Cruz, Lorenzo Alvarez-Filip, Esmeralda Pérez-Cervantes, Nuria Estrada-Saldívar, Rainer Ressl
This dataset (in Excel format) represents in-situ information about the evaluation realized to eight shallow coral reef sites of the Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park in June 2019, with the purpose of applying a coral reef assessment method, based on biological indicators of the condition of both benthos and fish communities. We present tables with data of biological and ecological variables such as: benthos coverage, species composition and abundance of corals, abundance of urchins and coral recruits, coral bleaching, coral diseases and coral mortality percentages, reef relief, and composition and abundance of key commercial and herbivorous fish species. This product is the result of one year of work of the Monitoring Program for Protected Natural Areas in the Mexican Caribbean, coordinated by CONABIO.

The authors acknowledge the logistical support provided by CONABIO, the Marine Science and Limnology Institute of UNAM, and the director of the Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park, María del Carmen García Rivas. The authors appreciate the support during fieldwork provided by the boat captain Alex.


This research was funded by Nacional Financiera Fideicomiso Fondo para la Biodiversidad.