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Dataset from: A survey of funders’ and institutions’ needs for understanding researchers’ open research practices

posted on 2021-09-27, 17:07 authored by Iain HrynaszkiewiczIain Hrynaszkiewicz, Lauren CadwalladerLauren Cadwallader
In July-August 2020 PLOS surveyed funders and institutions globally to understand if, how and why they seek to understand the open research practices of researchers, and the importance of related tasks, and respondents' satisfaction with their ability to complete those tasks.
Researchers were recruited via direct email campaigns, promoted Facebook and Twitter posts, a post on the PLOS Blog, and emails to industry contacts who distributed the survey on our behalf.

This dataset consists of:
1) The survey sent to researchers (pdf).
2) The anonymised data export of survey results (xlsx)
3) Additional scatter plots not included in the associated manuscript file showing importance and satisfaction scores by respondent cohorts (xlsx)
The data export has been processed to retain the anonymity of participants. Some responses in columns F and H of the 'PLOS_funder_institution_survey2' worksheet have been deleted or partially deleted, as indicated in the relevant cells.