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posted on 2021-11-17, 09:36 authored by Chengjie RenChengjie Ren
Comparative analysis of the number of microbial carbon decomposition-selected genes among these latitude range of forest soils. Different letters indicate significant differences (ANOVA, P < 0.05, Tukey’s HSD post-hoc analysis) among different forest soils.


This work were financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (41907031), the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Light of West China” Program for Introduced Talent in the West, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31570440, 31270484), the Key International Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Exchange Project of Shaanxi Province, China (2020KWZ-010), the 2021 first funds for central government to guide local science and technology development in Qinghai Province (2021ZY002), the i-LINK + 2018 (LINKA20069) from CSIC, and a Ramón y Cajal grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (RYC2018-025483-I).