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Data from: Fire and plant diversity at the global scale

posted on 30.04.2017, 08:07 by Juli G. Pausas
Data and maps from:
Pausas J.G. & Ribeiro E. (2017). Fire and plant diversity at the global scale. Global Ecology and Biogeogragphy doi: 10.1111/geb.12596
There are 3 files:
1) A .csv file with the data for each ecoregion, including biome, diversity, mean NDVI mean, spatial variability of NDVI, temporal variability of NDVI, fire activity, radiative power, and seasonality in temperature.
2) A .zip file with the global maps of fire activity and plant diversity (for each ecoregion) in shape (GIS) format.
3) A .jpg file (image) with the same maps as 2). It corresponds to Fig. 1 of the paper.


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