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Data for the 18 major U.S. art museums in our study.

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posted on 2019-03-20, 17:28 authored by Chad M. Topaz, Bernhard Klingenberg, Daniel Turek, Brianna Heggeseth, Pamela E. Harris, Julie C. Blackwood, C. Ondine Chavoya, Steven Nelson, Kevin M. Murphy

These museums are distributed across U.S. geographic regions and have a range of collection funding model types. Museums are arranged into groups according to their collecting mission as determined by a cluster analysis; see Results. The table below summarizes our data, including the date we scraped records from websites, the number of records scraped, the number of records randomly sampled from the scraped records, and the number and percentage of sampled records from a museum’s collection determined to be individual, identifiable artists (IIA). Overall, there are 10,108 IIA records and we make confident gender, ethnicity, regional origin, and birth decade inferences (CGI, CEI, CRI, CBI) for, respectively, 89%, 82%, 83%, and 79% of these.