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Data associated with the article: Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of imported cases with COVID-19 infection: a multicentre study

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posted on 22.04.2021, 14:17 authored by Jinjun Zhang, Shixiong Yang, Yi Xu, Jialiang Liu, Jinjun Guo, Sijia Tian, Shaoping Wang, Kai Liao, Pingjun Cai, Yueqin Zhou, Li Dong, Ying Zhang, Jing Lou, Xuqin Kang, Shengmei Niu,, Dou Li, Yu Ma, Yuguo Chen

This dataset consists of a single .xlsx spreadsheet with two tabs. The first tab contains the epidemiological and clinical features of 478 confirmed cases of COVID-19 from a multicentre study outside of Wuhan, China. It contains 21 measured variables. The second tab gives the variable list for the headings of the columns in the first tab.

The included patients were those with the COVID-19 infection who were transferred from the general hospitals to the designated hospitals for special treatment of infectious diseases by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Beijing, Chongqing, Jinan and Nanning outside of Wuhan, China, from Jan 20 to Feb 20, 2020.

The related manuscript describes the collection and analysis of this data.


Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Project ( Z191100004419003)

Chongqing Science and Technology Project (CSTC2020JSCX-FYZX0045)

Shandong Provincial Key Science and Technology Innovation Project (2020SFXGFY03)

National Science and Technology Fundamental Resources Investigation Project (2018FY100600)


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