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Data Supporting Bioko Island Travel Modeling

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posted on 2021-04-07, 05:55 authored by Daniel CitronDaniel Citron
Data supporting "Quantifying malaria acquired during travel and its role in malaria elimination on Bioko Island" by Daniel T Citron et al.

* aggregated_2015_2018_travel_data.csv — contains population census data; trips recorded between 2015-2018 from the BIMEP MIS
* travel_duration_data.csv — contains data describing the duration of trips to different destinations from the 2018 BIMEP MIS
* travel_dist_by_region.csv — contains distances between each areaId and the centroid of each destination region
* pfpr_draws.csv — Draws from the joint posterior surface of malaria prevalence estimates. Used, with permission, from Guerra et al (2019,
* negative_binomial_predictions_by_destination_region.csv — Trip destination model results
* trip_frequency_model_estimates.csv — Frequency of travel model results

The code, along with the data contained here, may be used to reproduce the simulations, analysis, and figures presented in the manuscript may be found here:


We acknowledge support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grant OPP1110495.