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posted on 2020-11-03, 13:53 authored by Martijn WilhelmMartijn Wilhelm, Valeriya Korol, Elena Maria Rossi, Elena D'Onghia
These files contain the LISA observables of a full double white dwarf (DWD) populations used in Wilhelm, Korol, Rossi & D'Onghia 2020 (MNRAS). The number in the filename corresponds to the viewing angle (the angle between the long axis of the galactic bar and the line of sight from the Sun to the Galactic center) in degrees. Each row contains a single source.

The columns correspond to the following quantities (units, where present, in square brackets):
Frequency [s^-1]; Time derivative of frequency [s^-2]; Ecliptic latitude [rad]; Ecliptic longitude [rad]; Wave amplitude; Binary inclination [rad]; Wave polarization angle [rad]; Orbital phase [rad]

These data were obtained by combining the DWD population's properties of Korol et al. 2019 (MNRAS 483) with the galaxy model of D'Onghia et al. 2020 (ApJ 890).