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Crystal structure of the LRR ectodomain from the plant immune receptor kinase SOBIR1 from Arabidopsis thaliana - sulphur SAD datasets

posted on 14.01.2020, 23:31 by Hohmann, Ulrich, Hothorn, Michael

This dataset includes the raw X-ray diffraction images collected on 06.11.2017 at beam line PXIII of the Swiss Light Source (SLS) Villigen, Switzerland. Native (dts_xxx, λ=1.033201 Å, 1 360° wedge at 0.1° oscillation) and redundant sulphur single-wavelength anomalous dispersion (SAD) data (ssad_xxx, λ= 2.078524 Å, 3 360° wedges at 0.1° oscillation) were collected to 1.75 Å and 3.12 Å resolution. The dataset includes a .bz2 archive of the XDS processing for native and sulphur SAD data, data were scaled together in xscale, the resulting xscale.hkl and nat1.hkl contain the integrated intensities and crystallographic structure factors. The corresponding coordinates have been deposited with the Protein Data Bank (http://rcsb.org) with ID 6R1H.