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COCI N-Triples dataset of the provenance information of all the citation data

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posted on 2018-11-19, 13:24 authored by OpenCitations ​OpenCitations ​
This dataset contains the provenance information (in N-Triples format) of all the citation data included in COCI, released on the 12th of November 2018. In particular, any citation in the dataset includes the following provenance information:
  • [citation IRI] the Open Citation Identifier (OCI) for the citation, defined in the final part of the URL identifying the citation ([OCI]);;
  • [property "prov:wasAttributedTo"] the IRI of the agent that have created the citation data;
  • [property "prov:hadPrimarySource"] the IRI of the source dataset from where the citation data have been extracted;
  • [property "prov:generatedAtTime"] the creation time of the citation data.
The size of the zipped archive is 11 GB, while the size of the unzipped N-Triples file is 292 GB.

Additional information about COCI can be retrieved in the official webpage and in the introductory blog post in the OpenCitations blog.


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant number G‐2017‐9800