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Contributions Data

posted on 13.06.2017, 19:07 by Adam SheingateAdam Sheingate, Allysan Scatterday, Robert Martin, Keeve Nachman
Data on contributions to Members of Congress by organizations that lobbied the 2014 Farm Bill. The data is derived from Federal Election Commission reports.

The Excel file "farmbill_contributions" contains the raw data (N=37,624) used to calculate the degree centrality of each organization.

The Excel file "contributions_centrality" is as summary file that contains the total contributions, the total number of recipients, and the degree centrality score for each organization (N=368).

The Excel file "agcomm_adjacency" contains an adjacency matrix of contribution ties between organizations that contributed to members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees used to draw the sociogram in figure 1.


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