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File S1 - Conflict between Genetic and Phenotypic Differentiation: The Evolutionary History of a ‘Lost and Rediscovered’ Shorebird

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posted on 09.11.2011, 00:25 by Frank E. Rheindt, Tamás Székely, Scott V. Edwards, Patricia L. M. Lee, Terry Burke, Peter R. Kennerley, David N. Bakewell, Monif Alrashidi, András Kosztolányi, Michael A. Weston, Wei-Ting Liu, Wei-Pan Lei, Yoshimitsu Shigeta, Sálim Javed, Sama Zefania, Clemens Küpper

Contains the following supporting material: Methods; Table S1. Sample identities and localities; Table S2. Evolutionary models and parameters selected for each locus by jModelTest.