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Completeness of rapid assessments of medium and large mammal diversity in the northwestern Amazon in Colombia

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posted on 2022-05-30, 07:03 authored by Darwin M. MORALES-MARTÍNEZ, Natalia ATUESTA-DIMIAN, Daniela MARTÍNEZ-MEDINA, Diego R. GUTIÉRREZ-SANABRIA, Miguel E. RODRÍGUEZ-POSADA

ABSTRACT Rapid assessments are the most common information source on biodiversity in the northwestern Amazon in Colombia due to limited resources and logistic constraints. These assessments are essential for decision-making on environmental policies in this region, that has been strongly impacted by the transformation of its natural ecosystems. Several local camera-trapping rapid assessments of medium and large-sized mammals (MLM) have been conducted in the Colombian Amazon, but they are difficult to compare. We analyzed information of 16 of these rapid assessments of MLM to provide the first list of MLM in the northwestern Amazon in Colombia. We also evaluated the accuracy of four estimators (ICE, Chao-2, Jackknife-1, and Jackknife-2), and the minimum sampling effort for the estimation of MLM richness in local surveys in the region. We report 26 species of MLM for the Colombian Amazon (between five and 13 species per locality), which is an underestimation of MLM richness in the region. The best estimator of MLM richness was the Jackknife-1, due to its precision and the lower influence of singletons. We recommend a minimum sampling effort of 350 camera trap-days. Although rapid assessments do not allow a robust estimation of MLM richness, they record the most common species (or core species) per locality and their abundance variation. The evaluation of the effect of habitat transformation on MLM and the estimation of population parameters of rare species require more intensive studies.


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