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Complementary search database for Invacost

Version 2 2020-11-24, 18:34
Version 1 2020-09-10, 09:00
posted on 2020-09-10, 09:00 authored by Liliana Ballesteros-MejiaLiliana Ballesteros-Mejia, Elena AnguloElena Angulo, Christophe DIAGNEChristophe DIAGNE, Franck Courchamp, Invacost Consortia

This database is complementary to the original version of Invacost[1]. An updated version of this database is now incorporated within this core database.

CONTENT: This page contains (a) the original version of the 'Complementary Search’ database' ('InvaCost_SC database') and (b) full definition and details about the descriptive columns used in this database (‘Descriptors’ file).

METHODOLOGY: The construction of this complementary database results from a collective work made by members of the InvaCost consortium[2] following the InvaCost workshop[3,4]. We have screened a total of 304 new references (collected but not processed in the building process of original InvaCost) from which we extracted 2,374 cost entries. Most of the screened references belong to plants; however, they also contain costs for other invasive organisms (animals and pathogens). All cost entries have been standardized for both costs and text, however not all have been yet double-checked (i.e. process to ensure quality of the integrated information, usually made by one or two independent researchers) as the other parts of the Invacost database (i.e. original InvaCost_1.0 and Non-English).

UPDATES, RECOMMENDATIONS & CAUTION: Please consider information already described elsewhere[5] for the original InvaCost database.



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[4] Diagne C, Catford JA, Essl F, Nuñez MA, Courchamp F (2020) What are the economic costs of biological invasions? A complex topic requiring international and interdisciplinary expertise. NeoBiota 63: 25–37.

[5] Diagne, C., Leroy, B., Gozlan, R.E. et al. InvaCost, a public database of the economic costs of biological invasions worldwide. Sci Data 7, 277 (2020).