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Comparison of our gene expression data with data from literature [17].

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posted on 22.02.2016, 09:46 by Oystein Eikrem, Christian Beisland, Karin Hjelle, Arnar Flatberg, Andreas Scherer, Lea Landolt, Trude Skogstrand, Sabine Leh, Vidar Beisvag, Hans-Peter Marti

Twenty genes with smallest p-values and largest absolute fold changes in a meta-analysis of five microarray studies are compared to the corresponding genes and their fold changes and p-values of the NGS datasets. The median fold changes and standard deviations for the meta-analysis are presented. All shown genes were differentially expressed in only 2 or 3 microarray datasets. Large standard deviations indicate a large spread of values in the individual microarray studies. 17 of the 20 genes were found differentially expressed in both NGS datasets, 13 of these with fold changes within the fold change range of the microarray meta-analysis. ND: not detected, did not pass initial expression filter.