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Comparative efficiency analysis of real exhaust system in an electrofusion process

posted on 2020-03-18, 02:50 authored by Mariana Wached de Paiva Côrtes, Luiz Felipe Ramos Turci, Marcos Vinícius Rodrigues

ABSTRACT In this work, we analyzed the performance of a particulate matter exhaust system of a real electrofusion production process. Particularly, we performed particle size distribution analysis at different stages of the process. Using particle size distribution data, cyclone operation efficiency was evaluated by comparing it with design efficiency - in addition, cyclone efficiency was also calculated based on the mass balance of the entire process. Despite some measures taken by the company in order to improve the exhaust system efficiency, results indicate cyclone efficiency of around 50%, and particulate matter loss to atmosphere of 1t at each batch of the process. This paper presented in detail the steps of the efficiency analysis of the exhaust system, particularly the cyclone, and the proposed cyclone resizing.