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Collective drafting of the medical student’s code of ethics

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posted on 26.12.2018, 04:34 authored by Márcia Mendes Menezes, Fernando Ribeiro Amaral, Caroline Urias Rocha, Camila Rodrigues Ribeiro, Luciana Colares Maia, Cristina Andrade Sampaio, Simone de Melo Costa

Abstract This article describes the drafting of the Medical Student’s Code of Ethics comparing the process with what is described in literature. Data was collected through qualitative field research, by means of interviews with 24 students, and quantitative field research, using a questionnaire regarding ethical conflicts with a sample of 281 medical students. Based on the students’ views and bibliographic research, key issues regarding the preparation of the undergraduates’ code of ethics were identified. As a result, the code dealt with rights and duties of lecturers, patients, the institution and society as a whole, considering even contemporary problems such as the use of social networks and college hazing. The study concludes that the collective drafting of the code is the beginning of a process that intends to encourage reflection on health care and social perspective in order to take decisions consistent with ethical and moral principles, respecting human dignity.