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Coexistence of Spin Canting and Metamagnetism in a One-Dimensional Mn(III) Complex Bridged by a Single End-to-End Azide

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posted on 30.10.2006, 00:00 by Hyun Hee Ko, Jeong Hak Lim, Hyoung Chan Kim, Chang Seop Hong
Two manganese(III) azide complexes capped with tetradentate Schiff bases were characterized structurally and magnetically. The replacement of halogens on the Schiff bases leads to a drastic structural alteration from a dimer (1) bridged by phenoxide to a one-dimensional chain (2) linked by azide in a single end-to-end mode. Notably, magnetic studies of 2 show the concomitant existence of spin canting and metamagnetism.