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Clustering Download Events to Identify Classrooms

posted on 02.10.2018, 11:36 by Dwight McKay, Zentner, Michael, Gerhard Klimeck

The Network for Computational Nanotechnology's (NCN) [1] nanoHUB site uses the HUBzero® platform [2] to offer a variety of content, simulation tools, and collaboration methods to an international community of students, teachers and professionals. Understanding and identifying educational usage of nanoHUB to form communities around nanotechnology education and improve education content is a long term objective of nanoHUB. While certain users log into nanoHUB, providing us with an identity with which to associate their usage, the majority of activity is from unidentified users who download content and come to the site from outside references such as search engine results. This paper describes a method to detect classroom usage from content download events with no additional information, identifying classroom usage by any user of nanoHUB material and providing insights into content usage.