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Citations with contexts in Wikipedia

posted on 01.12.2017, 22:36 by Aaron Halfaker, Meen Chul Kim, Andrea Forte, Dario Taraborelli
This dataset represents structured metadata and contextual information about references added to Wikipedia articles in a JSON format.

Each record represents an individual Wikipedia article revision with all the tags parsed, as stored in Wikipedia's XML dumps, including information about:

1) the context(s) in which the reference occurs within the article – such as the surrounding text, parent section title, and section level –

2) structured data and bibliographic metadata included within the reference itself (such as: any citation template used, external links, any known persistent identifiers)

3) additional data/metadata about the reference itself (the reference name, its raw content, and if applicable, revision ID associated with reference addition/deletion/change)

The data is available as a set of compressed JSON files, extracted from the July 1, 2017 XML dump of English Wikipedia. Other languages may be added to this dataset in the future.

The JSON schema and Python parsing libraries used to generate the data are in the references.