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Catecholaminergic Gene Polymorphisms and Brain Morphology and IBS

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posted on 2015-08-04, 18:51 authored by Arpana GuptaArpana Gupta, Alexa Orand, Wendy Shih, Angela P Presson, Christian Hammer, Beate Niesler, Nuwanthi Heendeniya, Emeran A Mayer, Lin Chang

This data is a summary of the brain morphology measures (volume, mean curvature, surface area, and cortical thickness) of specific regions of interest tested in irritable bowel syndrome compared to healthy controls. The regions of interest included anterior insula, posterior insula, anterior cingulate cortex, anterior mid cingulate cortex, postcentral gyrus, precentral gyrus, amygdala, hippocampus, putamen, superior frontal gyrus, gyrus rectus, middle orbital gyrus, and brianstem.  


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