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posted on 2013-03-09, 00:41 authored by CellImageLibrary CCDBCellImageLibrary CCDB
Localization of Arp2/3 complex at actin filament branching points. Xenopus keratocytes and fibroblasts were treated with CD (0.2 μM for 30 min or 0.5 μM for 10 min), extracted in the presence of phalloidin, fixed with glutaraldehyde, treated with 33% methanol, and immunostained with p21 antibody followed by 10-nm gold-conjugated secondary antibody. Image corresponds to a single panel from Figure 4 in J Cell Biol. 1999 May 31;145(5):1009-26. All of the panels from Figure 4 are available as CIL:34902-34921.