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Buy, read, follow, rejuvenate! Veja's mobilized and built meanings on aging through History (1968-2014)

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posted on 26.12.2018, 04:38 by Christa Liselote Berger Ramos Kuschick, Felipe Viero Kolinski Machado

Abstract This paper aims to grasp the mobilized and built meanings on aging, herein assumed as either a biological category or as a discursively constructed one, and published in 2406 issues of the weekly Veja since 1968 to 2014. From this total, 112 reports have been detected, out of which 233 speech sequences have been selected, based on the French discourse analysis frames that allow us to understand both discursive formations. Hegemonically speaking, it has been possible to observe a discourse consolidation that considers youth as a value to be conquered and kept still, and aging, on the contrary, as a result of one's inability. According to Veja, being young is under the readers' responsibility, who will never get old if they follow its instructions.