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Breast cancer rates by stage and household income percentile, New York State, 2006-2015

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posted on 13.07.2018, 15:01 authored by Francis P. BoscoeFrancis P. Boscoe
This file contains measured and modeled breast cancer rates by stage and median household income percentile in New York State, 2006-2015. It accompanies the book chapter, "Spatial and Contextual Analyses of Stage at Diagnosis" by Francis Boscoe and Lindsey Hutchison, in Geospatial Approaches to Energy Balance and Breast Cancer. D Berrigan, NA Berger, eds. Berlin: Springer, 2018.

4,835 census tracts in New York State were divided into percentiles based on median household income, using data from the 2006-2010 and 2011-2015 editions of American Community Survey Table S1903. Census tracts are defined here:

58 of the 4,893 census tracts in this file did not have households (primarily college campuses, prisons, and military bases) and thus had no reported median household income and were excluded, leaving 4,835.

200,022 cases of breast cancer diagnosed among New York State residents from 2006-2015 were assigned an income percentile. Cases diagnosed between 2006-2010 were assigned based on the 2006-2010 edition of ACS Table S1903 and cases diagnosed between 2011-2015 were assigned based on the 2011-2015 edition.

Directly-adjusted incidence rates were calculated for all cancers and for those diagnosed at in situ, local, regional, and distant stage, using the SEER Summary Stage 2000 staging system.

The file contains the following fields: income percentile; rates for all cancers, in situ, local, regional, and distant stage; and modeled rates for all cancers, in situ, local, regional and distant stages. The modeled rates used a polynomial of order 3. The equations of the best-fit lines and r-squared values, to 4 decimal places or significant figures, are as follows:

All cancers: y = 0.0001986x3 - 0.02035x2 + 1.0691x + 133.7353, r2 = 0.96

In situ: y = 0.00008906x3 - 0.007555x2 + 0.3169x + 27.5728, r2 = 0.96

Local: y = 0.0001436x3 - 0.01919x2 + 1.0526x + 58.4627, r2 = 0.94

Regional: y = -0.00001676x3 + 0.003410x2 - 0.1389x + 37.6709, r2 = 0.41

Distant: y = -0.00001724x3 + 0.002989x2 - 0.1615x + 10.0288, r2 = 0.32


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