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Bodies in Expansion: the art of encounter in the Dancer-Researcher-Performer (BPI) method

posted on 26.12.2018, 03:55 by Graziela Estela Fonseca Rodrigues, Larissa Sato Turtelli, Paula Caruso Teixeira, Flávio Campos, Elisa M. da Costa, Nara Cálipo, Mariana Floriano, Natália V. Alleoni, Mariana D. Jorge

Abstract: This paper replies to the text of Höfling published in this journal in v. 6, n. 2 (2016), clarifying aspects of the research in the Dancer-Researcher-Performer (BPI) method. Procedures and approaches of the method, concerning field research, artistic creation and presentation of performances are fully expressed. Throughout the text, practical examples of investigations carried out over 36 years of research in this method are given, as well as theories of psychology, which promote a deeper understanding of the contents that are articulated in the body and, as consequence, provide subsidies to guide the emotional processes inherent to artistic creation.


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