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Bird memes present at different fragments (kipukas) in the Big Island of Hawaii

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posted on 2017-06-02, 11:12 authored by Esther Sebastian-GonzalezEsther Sebastian-Gonzalez
This datafile shows the presence or absence of different acoustic memes (i.e. syllables) in a fragmented landscape in the Big Island of Hawaii (USA). The fragments (i.e. kipukas) were formed by lava flows. The data is for four native Hawaiian forest birds: 'i'wi, 'elepaio, 'amakihi and 'apapane. In the files, each row represents a fragment and each column a meme. We show if a meme is vocalized in a fragment. Recordings taken in 2014-2015. See publication in Oikos for more details.


Financial support was provided by the NSF award no. 1345247


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