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Bioinformatics infrastructure and training survey

posted on 12.10.2015, 10:42 by Nicholas LomanNicholas Loman, Thomas Connor

We undertook a poll of bioinformaticians, marketed through Twitter, in order to understand more about the current issues with bioinformatics practice and training.


Methods: Through using a public Google Form we asked questions relating to frustrations, working practices, limitations of working practices. We also assessed whether the survey participant was UK based and what level of self-declared skill they had. Users had the opportunity to read the other responses to the survey, and edit or delete their answers.


Results: 272 responses were received in the period 6th October 2015 to 12 October 2015 (7 days). This fileset presents the form, the responses (in Excel and CSV format) and the summary responses. The results may be of use for those wishing to understand more about the current issues facing bioinformaticians and bioinformatics training. The results are distributed under the CC-BY license.


We are grateful to all participants who took the time to fill out this survey.


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